classifications of farm animals

                              Classifications of Farm Animals

What are farm animals?
Farm animals are animals which man has domesticated and reared for meat,eggs,milk and for other purposes.
Farm animals in the world includes poultry,cattle,donkeys,sheep,goats,pigs,rabbits,horses,dogs,cats,grass cutters and snails.
Farm animals can be classified base on their digestive system
and they are:

1.Ruminant/Poly-gastric animals:They are farm animals that have four chambered(complex)stomachs.They
can easily digest complex carbohydrates such as cellulose and her mi-cellulose,and feed on grasses,legumes,shrubs and herbs.
These farm animals having the ability to regurgitate improperly chewed food substances and re-chew. this is known as

Expand. Rocky Mountain Goat Rocky mountain goats, well adapted for life in rugged terrain and harsh climates, feed on small
of vegetation found in cliffs. They will fiercely protect their food against other members of the species. Four-Chambered
Ruminant animals, including sheep, domestic cattle, goats, deer, and giraffes, have four-chambered stomachs.”White-Tailed
The Virginia, or white-tailed deer, is found throughout North
and Central America. Like all deer, its lower cheek teeth have
screscent ridges of enamel for grinding a wide variety of vegetation.
Deer are ruminants, or cud chewers, and have a four-chambered stomach”.

2.Non- Ruminants(Monogastric):These farm animals have only1 stomach where digestion occur.They can not digest
complex foodsubstances therfore they depend largely on concentrates. examples: poultry and pigs.

3.Non-Ruminant Herbivores:They have simple stomach and large ceacum which is able to digest food substances by means of
micro-organisms.examples are:grascutters,rabbits and Guinea pigs.Koala Diet A dietary specialist, the koala obtains most
of itsnourishment from the leaves of about three dozen species of eucalyptus trees in its home forests of eastern

A koala’s gut has an enormous caecum, a digestive organ containing microbes that digest the leafy
diet. At weaning ti animal that eats only plant material. Herbivores are primary consumers in the food web,
eating plants that absorb and store energy from the sun through photosynthesis. In turn, the herbivores
are preyed upon by carnivores, which are considered secondary or tertiary consumers. Herbivore is a descriptive
term encompassing many types of animals, although it is used mostly for the ungulates—large, hoofed mammals, such as
elephants, sheep, and horses.The digestive systems of herbivorous mammals are similar because they all need to
digest the cellulose in tough plant material. However, herbivores display many adaptations for ingestion and digestion
of food. Among these are the high-crowned,hard-wearing, flat, grinding molars of ungulates. Rodents, such as beavers, have
large, continuously growing, chisel-shaped incisors to gnaw plant bark. Snails use a
radula, a small, spiky, rasping organ to tear off tiny fragments of leaf. The ruminants, for example, cows and sheep,
possess a four-chambered stomach housing
microorganisms that break down the cellulose into a more digestible form, obtaining food and shelter in the stomach in

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